our  Services:


Forget the Press and FAM trips of the past, our influencers create experiential visual media campaigns combined with your vision to create a narrative that packs a punch and transforms your target audience into future clients.  After we have a “meeting of the minds” to assess your creative, marketing, and media needs we will design one of the following media experiences for you:



  • Social Media and Marketing Consulting- We can assess your marketing needs, build a strategy, and help create relevant, searchable, and shareable content while sourcing the right media outlets for your brand. 


  • Influencer Trips- We can send targeted influencers to your property to experience and create transformational content for our social media and editorial partners.


  • Photography/Cinematography Trips- We can send a team of our visual artists to create custom photo and video campaigns for your in-house needs as well as for your custom media campaigns.


  • Design or revamp a FAM trip- We can customize the guest list, build the itinerary, create photo shoots and guide social media and press on any current or future media trips.


  • The Jetset Elite Package- A fully custom, Brand-focused Media Trip where our Jetset Collective team conceptualizes a visual campaign, produces it on location, and executes a transformational brand experience through imagery, social media, and written press.  We track and report all performance of social media hashtags and impressions. 




our vision:


We understand that creating high-level visual content for use in all promotional collateral, social media channels, advertising, and press is crucial in building brand awareness.  On our Fam and media trips, we conceptualize a visual campaign and capture professional content that can be used for all marketing and social media needs on an ongoing basis, not just a one-off social media post.


We would love to propose designing a media-centric Photo trip for The Ungasan to strategically focus on experiential trips, honeymoons, and travel trends of 2017.  We will create a 3-5 day transformational experience and customize the itinerary alongside your PR team that will combine our social media strategy, photography, and press to ultimately push out on all of our media channels.




proposed team:

Our visual media team would consist of Laura Grier the photographer, Joann Gregoli the photoshoot coordinator, our Bali fixer Kat Kelly who will assist in organizing the local models, Renee our main model/ make up and hair artist, and our chosen social media influencers based on our specific media strategy, their influence and reach, to make sure that you will attract the right clients to your property.  In total there would probably be 6-8 people that would need lodging.





the narrative:


Creating a transformational experience and visual media campaign at The Ungasan Clifftop Resort:


Industry leaders are saying that “transformational travel” is the next evolution for 2017. It is similar to experiential travel, but taken a step further. Transformational travel is travel motivated, but defined by a shift in perspective, self-reflection and development, and a deeper communion with nature and culture. Today’s culture is device- and pace-driven. We are disconnecting from ourselves, our relationships, nature, and culture.


Instead of a typical FAM/ Media trip where you are just showcasing the property, or a traditional bridal photo shoot with gorgeous tablescapes and dresses and photos of empty villas, what we propose is that the "photo shoot" be an ongoing documentation following a couple and a family throughout the experience of staying at the Ungasan and in surrounding areas of interest in Bali over 3 days.  From the accommodations, to the welcome cocktails and food, to laying out by the pool, relaxing together in the spa, to exploring Ulu Watu and Bali, or sailing away on a private boat to go snorkeling, all of the scenes that we will set will not just be a photoshoot, but our team actually engaging and enjoying these activities as well and could be an ongoing virtual experience played out on social media and captured in in a stylized way rather than just a static shoot or property tour.


In line with your existing branding, we would want our team of influencers and our audience to experience the following:



Connection to Happiness and Activities


Devotion to nature and a Blissful Sanctuary 

Serenity in your vistas, environment, and accommodations


Indulging in Culinary Excellence



example photo shoot itinerary:


Our 5 day trip will include the following:


-Architecture Shots of all 7 villas, Selaton Restaurant, and Sundays Beach Club


-Lifestyle Shots with a family and couple throughout all 7 villas, Selaton Restaurant, and Sundays Beach Club


-Food shots at Selaton Restaurant and Sundays Beach Club


-Photos of local Activities (Ulu Watu, Scenic Balinese Countryside) or water sports and spa facilities at The Ungasan



**Lodging, meals, activities, and airport transportation to be hosted by The Ungasan.






the social media and editorial press:


Our team of social media influencers and writers contribute to and write for a variety of publications. Based on your needs, we will choose which media outlets would best suit your brand and our narrative:


Here are examples of publications that we regularly contribute to:


wedding print


Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Magazine

Martha Stewart

Harpers Baazar

Grace Ormonde

Destination I DO Magazine



Town and Country


travel editorial


Huffington Post


Dame Traveler

The Honeymoonist

Galavante Travel



our proposal for The Ungasan:


Our prices per property typically start at $20,000 per property plus travel and hosting but we would like to do a special rate for you at $17,000 (including travel) to design and produce a custom photo shoot and visual media campaign with access to all of our social media services and outreach. If you are interested in our Jetset Elite Package which includes a virtual tour and videography, please contact us to discuss the proposed budget based on the scope of work.




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