These multi-media mavens continually develop new and creative ways to work across the changing media landscape, from digital broadcast to visual storytelling to written press.



Laura Grier

Co-Founder, Visual Media Director

Meet Laura, the Indiana Jones of Adventure Travel Photography and the recent addition to the Discovery Channel UK’s “20 Richest People in the World List”, people who are rich in life experiences that is. It is no surprise that Laura turned her life of travel, adventure, and exploration into a profession.

A self-proclaimed jet-setter at heart, Laura has been a globe-trotter from an early age having grown up internationally with two parents that worked for the CIA. She graduated from Syracuse University with a dual degree in Photojournalism and Art Photography and in 2003 founded Beautiful Day Photography, based in Los Angeles and specializing in destination weddings and events. Her ability to channel her storytelling into a chic, vibrant perspective, has made her a veteran international photographer, shooting over the past 17 years on 6 of the 7 continents.

Laura has been published in over 25 publications worldwide and is presently the lead photographer for Novica/National Geographic, shooting all of their catalog work and training their in-house photographers around the world.  Laura also teaches, mentors, and inspires other photographers through her travel workshops and seminars. Laura loves to blend her love of photography, social media, and writing as a regular Travel photojournalist for the Huffington Post, Venuelust, Laura Grier Travel, and now as the

                                                                                                                        co-founder of  Jetset Collective Media.


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Angela Lockyer

Global Strategy Director

Angela Lockyer, an avid traveler and humanitarian, is a proven leader in sales and marketing with global expertise having lived and worked intercontinentally between Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas. Born in Sydney, Australia, Angela currently holds a dual degree in international travel & tourism and marketing. 

Most recently the Director of Sales & Trade Marketing with One&Only resorts based in Los Angeles, Angela represented 11 luxury resorts and 3 brands world-wide. Angela is a veteran at managing high-level clientele since launching her career with American Express Business travel in 2005 as a executive with accounts such as Louis Vuitton, Goldman Sachs and EMC. With her lengthy experience leading everything from boutique luxury hotels to large scale hotel brands such as Hamilton Island and InterContinental Hotels group, Angela is well versed in all facets of the hotel industry. 

Extremely passionate about giving back, Angela is known as a disruptive humanitarian championing causes such as food relief in Australia to supporting women in leadership. Presently, she sits on the board of Directors for the non-profit organization; Food for change and her most notable achievement to date is co-founding the InterContinental Hotel Group's "Lean In" Women in leadership movement. Based on Sheryl Sandberg's book, this                                                                                                                           movement has since lead to a TedXtalk and re-written the business rules for women's equality.


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Shannon Avery

Cinematography and Design Director

Meet Shannon, an Adventure Travel Cinematographer and Owner of Hoo Films Wedding Cinematography.  Filmmaking has led her to traveling the globe specializing in Weddings, Drone Cinematography, and Resort Promo Videos.  Shannon’s work is fueled by a passion for storytelling, infusing creativity in each curated piece.  In Southern California, the Hoo Films team has become one of the most desired filmmakers and have been published in US Weekly, Huffington Post, Destination I Do, The Knot, and many more.  Shannon also serves as a speaker and mentor to many in her industry.  Beyond weddings, Shannon’s travel work has brought her to 5 continents, shooting for numerous hotels and tourism companies.  Besides these incredible travel experiences around the world, she’s had the honor of working for some amazing clients, including Reese Witherspoon, the Los Angeles Dodgers, USA Olympians, John Wooden, and many more.  Shannon is also a triathlete known to swim with Jaguars and jump in the Amazon River, so there’s no adventure too wild! Shannon and her team of cinematographers and pilots are ready to capture your story, whether its a destination wedding, business promo, commercial, or uniquely curated vision, every film is freshly woven with your individual story.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 [email protected]



Matt Meltzer

Editorial Content Director

Matt Meltzer is the Miami Editor for Thrillist, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, former pageant judge in the Miss Florida America system and past contributor to Cosmopolitan magazine. In addition to Thrillist Matt is a Senior Editor for MiamiBeach411.com and professor of Business Writing at the University of Miami, where he is a member of the boxing team.


Prior to Thrillist Matt was the Director of Student Housing at the Miami City Ballet School, during which time he completed two Ironman triathlons. Matt graduated with a BBA from Miami and holds a Masters in Journalism from the University of Florida. He currently lives in Miami with his Betta fish, Bob.


                                                                                                            [email protected]