our  Services:


Forget the Press and FAM trips of the past, our influencers create experiential visual media campaigns combined with your vision to create a narrative that packs a punch and transforms your target audience into future clients.  After we have a “meeting of the minds” to assess your creative, marketing, and media needs we will design one of the following media experiences for you:



  • Social Media and Marketing Consulting- We can assess your marketing needs, build a strategy, and help create relevant, searchable, and shareable content while sourcing the right media outlets for your brand. 


  • Influencer Trips- We can send targeted influencers to your property to experience and create transformational content for our social media and editorial partners.


  • Photography/Cinematography Trips- We can send a team of our visual artists to create custom photo and video campaigns for your in-house needs as well as for your custom media campaigns.


  • Design or revamp a FAM trip- We can customize the guest list, build the itinerary, create photo shoots and guide social media and press on any current or future media trips.


  • The Jetset Elite Package- A fully custom, Brand-focused Media Trip where our Jetset Collective team conceptualizes a visual campaign, produces it on location, and executes a transformational brand experience through imagery, social media, and written press.  We track and report all performance of social media hashtags and impressions.




our vision:


We understand that Creating high-level visual content for use in all promotional collateral, social media channels, advertising, and press is crucial in building brand awareness.  On our Fam and media trips, we conceptualize a visual campaign and capture professional content that can be used for all marketing and social media needs on an ongoing basis, not just a one-off social media post.


We would love to propose Designing a FAM trip at the Palmilla coinciding with your upcoming wedding packages launch in June and timed after the Engage conference in the Cayman Islands to strategically focus on experiential weddings and travel trends of 2017.  We will provide to the top wedding influencers on the West Coast a 3-4  day a transformational experience.



suggested guest list:


Mindy Weiss   mindyweiss.com

Sharon Sachs sacksproductions.com

Beth Helmstetter bethhelmstetter.com

Sasha Souza  sashasouzaevents.com

Brian Worley  your-bash.com

Harmony Walton bridalbar.com

Allison Hotchkiss Rinderknecht  alisonevents.com

Debbie Geller  gellerevents.com

Kevin Lee  kevinleeproductions.com

Lisa Vorce  lisavorce.com

Colin Cowie  colincowie.com

Linda Howard    lindahowardevents.com

Kristin Banta    kristinbanta.com

Karen Tran  karentran.com

Brooke Keegan:  brookekeegan.com

Joann Gregoli    jetsetcollectivemedia.com

Laura Grier     jetsetcollectivemedia.com



the narrative:


The One & Only Day in your life, what destination weddings are all about...


Industry leaders are saying that “transformational travel” is the next evolution for 2017. It is similar to experiential travel, but taken a step further. Transformational travel is travel motivated, but defined by a shift in perspective, self-reflection and development, and a deeper communion with nature and culture. Today’s culture is device- and pace-driven. We are disconnecting from ourselves, our relationships, nature, and culture.


Instead of a typical FAM trip where you are just showcasing the property, or a traditional bridal photo shoot with gorgeous table scapes and dresses, we decided to create an interactive experience between the two.  What if our model bride and groom were experiencing the FAM with us and all of the wedding influencers were guests at their intimate One & Only Palmilla destination wedding?  What is you truly gave the wedding influencers the experience of actually being a guest for someone's One & Only Day in their life?  What we propose is that the "photo shoot" be an ongoing documentation with the couple and their "guests" throughout the experience of a wedding over 3 days.  From the invitations that go out, to the welcome cocktails, to laying out by the pool, getting ready together in the spa on the wedding day, to the ceremony, and then sailing away on your private yacht, all of this could be a virtual experience rather than just a static shoot or property tour.


In line with your existing branding, we would want our wedding influencers to experience the following:



Connection to Happiness and Activities

Devotion to nature and a Blissful Sanctuary at the Spa

Serenity in your vistas, environment, and accommodations

Indulging in Culinary Excellence



the itinerary:


June 26th, 2017- Our transformative wedding influencer FAM trip would begin with picking up our guests from the airport and transporting them to the One & Only Palmilla resort. A welcome cocktail hour followed by dinner and mingling (The Rehearsal Dinner)


June 27th, 2017- Yoga, Breakfast, Pool time, then appointments at the spa "Getting Ready".  A Late afternoon "Ceremony" into cocktails and dinner/reception  at an alternate location on the property.


June 28th, 2017- Yoga, Breakfast, an off property excursion to get the "flavor" of Los Cabos, and then our "Bridal Send Off" Sunset Cruise on your yacht, followed by dinner.


June 29th, 2017- Departures


**Lodging, meals, activities, and airport transportation to be hosted by the One & Only Palmilla






the social media and editorial press:


Our team of social media influencers and writers contribute to and write for a variety of publications. Based on your needs, we feel that the following outlets would best suit your brand and our narrative:


wedding print


Martha Stewart

Harpers Baazar

Grace Ormonde

Destination I DO Magazine



Town and Country


travel editorial


Huffington Post


Dame Traveler




Contact us to schedule your consultation and proposed budget based on the scope of work




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