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Forget the Press and FAM trips of the past, our influencers create experiential visual media campaigns combined with your vision to create a narrative that packs a punch and transforms your target audience into future clients.  After we have a “meeting of the minds” to assess your creative, marketing, and media needs we will design one of the following media experiences for you:



  • Social Media and Marketing Consulting- We can assess your marketing needs, build a strategy, and help create relevant, searchable, and shareable content while sourcing the right media outlets for your brand. 


  • Influencer Trips- We can send targeted influencers to your property to experience and create transformational content for our social media and editorial partners.


  • Photography/Cinematography Trips- We can send a team of our visual artists to create custom photo and video campaigns for your in-house needs as well as for your custom media campaigns.


  • Design or revamp a FAM trip- We can customize the guest list, build the itinerary, create photo shoots and guide social media and press on any current or future media trips.


  • The Jetset Elite Package- A fully custom, Brand-focused Media Trip where our Jetset Collective team conceptualizes a visual campaign, produces it on location, and executes a transformational brand experience through imagery, social media, and written press.  We track and report all performance of social media hashtags and impressions. 




our vision:


We understand that creating high-level visual content for use in all promotional collateral, social media channels, advertising, and press is crucial in building brand awareness.  On our media trips, we conceptualize a visual campaign and capture professional content that can be used for all marketing and social media needs on an ongoing basis, not just a one-off social media post.


We would love to propose designing a media-centric road trip to showcase the new Jucy Thrillseekers while unveiling the top "scenic drives" that all stem from Vancouver, BC.  We will provide a 5 day transformational experience and photo shoot traveling along these routes and setting up stylized shoots each day in iconic locations combining: social media strategy, photography, and ultimately creating targeted press for all of your media channels and ours.





the narrative:






Creating a transformational experience on the most incredible road trip of your life, it's what travel and freedom is all about:


Industry leaders are saying that “transformational travel” is the next evolution for 2018. It is similar to experiential travel, but taken a step further. Transformational travel is travel motivated, but defined by a shift in perspective, self-reflection and development, and a deeper communion with nature and culture. Today’s culture is device- and pace-driven. We are disconnecting from ourselves, our relationships, nature, and culture.


Instead of a typical photo shoot where you are just showcasing the Jucy Campervans with models, we decided to create an interactive experience between the shoot and the landscapes the new Vancouver Office will open your clients up to exploring.  What if our "models" were media and journalists experiencing the actual itineraries with us and we were all documenting our journey in real time with videos and photos? 


What we propose is that the "photo shoot" be an ongoing documentation with a couple or a group of friends throughout the experience of driving the top scenic routes from Vancouver and local activities over 5 days.  From the meals, to camping, to meeting locals and exploring natural hikes, lakes, and hot springs, to showcasing everything that a Jucy Campervan can deliver to you, this could be a virtual experience rather than just a static shoot or tour.


In line with your existing branding, we would want our media and influencers to experience the following:



Connection to Happiness and Thrillseeking Activities


Devotion to nature and finding sanctuary


Serenity in your environment and accommodations


Indulging in Culinary or Wine Experience



example itinerary:


After working closely with both the Vancouver and British Columbia Boards of Tourism, we have crafted 5 driving itineraries that include epic/ photogenic scenery and are campervan friendly with Vancouver as the centralized hub and all within a 5 1/2 hour drive.  These are the drives we would like to feature:


Day 1- The Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler  (3 hours round trip)


Day 2- Vancouver to Orcas Island, Washington, USA (3 1/2 hours including ferry from Vancouver)


Day 3- Columbia River Gorge-Oregon, USA (6 hours including ferry)


Day 4- Back to Vancouver and nearby areas (5 1/2 hours)


Day 5- Okanagan Wine Country (5 1/2 hours)


**We suggest building in 2 extra "rest" or "driving days" into this itinerary to make it 7 days for the shoot. For slightly longer itineraries from Vancouver there is also the Hot Springs Circle Route and The Great Northern Route



**Campervans, meals, activities, and airport transportation to be hosted by Jucy Campervans.



1. Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler



  • The Sea To Sky Highway between Vancouver and Whistler has been called one of the world’s most beautiful drives. The whole trip takes about 1.5 hours.


  • There is a great campsite on the Sea to Sky highway called Porteau Cove Provincial Park (1 hour from Vancouver). The campsite is suitable for camper vans to park right by the ocean. Very beautiful.  


  • The Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish (1 hour from Vancouver) is another iconic attraction in the region. Also, Paradise Valley /Squamish is known for their scenic terrain and hiking trails.



2. Orcas Island-Washington, USA


  • Step onto horseshoe-shaped Orcas Island and drink in the green paradise the locals call “the gem of the San Juans” ­— a happy combination of stunning shoreline, the highest mountain in the islands, and a handful of charming hamlets, including Eastsound, the main village on "the Emerald Isle."
  • Most of Orcas Island’s 57 square miles are rural and hilly, a pleasure for drivers and a challenge for cyclists, with curving roads that wind through forests and past artists’ studios, fields with old apple barns, and the occasional turn-of-the-century prune drying barn.
  • Visit one of the nation’s most beautiful parks to hike, bike, swim, or go horseback riding through the forest—the 5,252-acre Moran State Park, with several lakes and more than 38 miles of hiking trails. There, you can drive, bike, or hike up Mount Constitution, the islands’ highest point, for a spectacular view of island-dotted sea and snow-capped Mount Baker.
  • Head out on the water on a kayak trip, whale-watching tour, or fishing or sailboat charter. You can book any of these adventures on the island, as well as rent bikes and check out guided horseback rides.


3. Columbia River Gorge- Oregon, USA


  • The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic area cuts through the Cascade Mountains with cliffs and overlooks of Washington to the North and Oregon's mountains and waterfalls to the South.  The gorge is unique in its history and has been the backdrop for many famous photographs by Peter Lik.

  • Also nearby Portland is big on farm to table—but what if that distance between the farm and the table is only about 30 feet? That's the idea behind the growing popularity of the area’s farm dinners, where you eat at the location where the night's food was grown, often in the middle of a field or vineyard.



4. The coastal circuit route around Vancouver


  • Spanish Banks Beach – you will be able to get a nice photo of your van parked up at Spanish Banks Beach, one of Vancouver’s iconic beaches.
  • Deep Cove, on the outskirts of Vancouver (about 40 mins drive), is a lovely little village to check out. Great for kayaking, hiking Quarry Rock, or shopping and eating.


  • Granville Island (in the heart of downtown Vancouver) is a must-visit for anyone to Vancouver. Small vans can drive onto the island. 
  • A camper van will enable you to drive to iconic Vancouver attractions like Grouse Mountain and Capilano Suspension Bridge (both about 30 minutes from Vancouver)


  • In summer, Cypress is also a popular hiking location. On the road up to Cypress you’ll be able to get a great shot of the van overlooking the city and ocean.




5. Mountain & Vineyards circle route-Okanagan Valley


177679872177679872Blue Mountain Vineyards, South Okanagan, Vaseaux Lake, British Columbia, Canada.


  • The Mountains & Vineyards Circle Route is really all about indulgence. The drive follows a visit to wine country with a tour of hot springs resorts. Starting in Golden, an outdoor adventure center in the Kootenay Rockies, this tour of southeastern BC takes drivers along the lakes and vineyards of the Okanagan Valley, through Canada's only true desert, and past the peaks and glaciers of the Rocky Mountains. Championship golf courses, lift-accessed hiking and mountain biking, historic towns, mountains resorts and, of course, hot springs and wineries will make it tough to get back in the car.






the social media and editorial press:


Our team of media influencers and writers contribute to and write for a variety of publications. Based on your needs, we will choose which media outlets would best suit your brand and our narrative:


Here are examples of publications that we regularly contribute to:


travel editorial



Huffington Post

Tastemade Travel


Dame Traveler


Men's Journal




Click here to see one of our videos for Thrillist:



our proposal for Jucy Campervans:


Our prices typically start at $2500 per styled shoot.  We would like to plan a 5 day itinerary of driving, camping and setting up 5 shoots for $12,500.  We wanted to include our media bundle in there where we will produce social media, videos, and written content at no additional charge.  We also would need to know how large of a team we are able to bring and how many people you would like (and what demographic) in these shoots. We offer drone, VR, and other media services as well, so let's discuss the possibilities based on the proposed budget and scope of work.




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