our vision:


We understand that Creating high-level visual content for use in all promotional collateral, social media channels, advertising, and press is crucial in building brand awareness.  On our Fam/media trips and photography workshops, we conceptualize a visual campaign and make sure that we capture professional content that can be used for all marketing and social media needs on an ongoing basis, not just a one-off social media post during the trip.


In addition to serving your media needs, we would love to design a photography workshop in Careyes that strategically focuses on experiential events and travel trends of 2019 and beyond.  We always believe in blending experiences for the mind, body, and spirit into our adventure workshops, so Careyes would be the perfect locale to host a photography workshop led by veteran National Geographic photojournalist, Laura Grier.


A haven for photographers, we would want people to discover the colorful buildings, natural wonders, cosmic art installations, energy, spirituality, and serenity of Careyes, Mexico through this workshop.


Whether participants in this workshop are taking shots with their iPhone or are seasoned professional photographers, Laura will guide them through an adventure-filled three days with strategic shoots sprinkled throughout that show people how to add the fun, color, and finishing touches to make their images insta-famous and frame-worthy!






In line with your existing branding, we would want workshop participants to experience the following:



Connection to Happiness and Activities

Devotion to nature and a Blissful Sanctuary at the Spa

Serenity in your vistas, environment, and accommodations

Indulging in Culinary Excellence



the itinerary:


Day 1- Our Photography workshop would begin with picking up our guests from the airport and transporting them to Careyes. Relaxation at the resort, then welcome cocktails followed by dinner and mingling and a circle discussion about what we all want to learn, our experience with our cameras, and a presentation on 10 tips on how photojournalists frame their images


Day 2- Morning yoga, Inspiration for the day discussion at Breakfast, Then a mini shoot around colorful Careyes using the framing tips they learned from the night before. Pool or spa time during the hottest part of the day, then getting ready for a late afternoon more dramatic, colorful Careyes shoot. Sunset cocktails then a family dinner finishing with questions and some editing tips from the day's shoot.


Day 3- Yoga, Breakfast, then an excursion to the cosmic art installations to get the "flavor" of Careyes, learn about light/shadows and energy while shooting, then an exploration of local artists and culture. Rest/ocean time, then another fun shoot in late afternoon shoot followed by dinner. More editing tips and recap on the workshop in the evening.


Day 4- Departures


*** Pricing, lodging, meals and activities are to be hosted/facilitated by Careyes




our proposal for Careyes:


The cost for Laura Grier to design and lead a 3-day custom photography workshop and visual media campaign with access to all of her imagery produced during those 3 days would be $4500.  In addition, all travel, meals, and lodging would be hosted by the Board of Careyes. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the scope of the project and all media needs.




Laura Grier

west coast office

[email protected]